Greetwell Hollow LWT Reserve, (partly a geological SSSI) Eastern edge of Lincoln

Access courtesy of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

12.00 for 13.00 start. Meet and park at TF001717 which is roadside parking in far north-eastern corner of Allenby Road Industrial Estate, Lincoln. Nearest postcode: LN3 4PH. There is a short section of path north to the Hollow through rough grassland/scrub via a ‘gate’ in fence and by crossing Greetwell Road.

NB. Some steep slopes, marshy areas, a fairly busy road to cross plus high levels of public usage. Nearest ‘public’ toilets in McDonalds just to north in Carlton Shopping Centre car park or Tescos nearby.

Habitats: Calcareous grassland, scrub, stream, marsh, wet woodland, pond, rocks.

Leader: Brian Hedley 07989 665794

LNU field meeting to this urban-edge reserve courtesy of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. A good turn-out of 20 participants and led by Brian Hedley on a hot, sunny and breezy afternoon. One of the main aims of the meeting was to collect specimens for the LoveLincsPlants project (the new Lincolnshire Herbarium) and a team managed to identify, collect and press 20 specimens in the field. Most of these were species of calcareous grassland such as Erect Brome, Downy Oat-grass and Fairy Flax. Somewhere in the region of 150 plant species were noted around the reserve including Stemless Thistle, various orchids, Hoary Plantain, Common Centaury and unfortunately quite a few alien invaders such as Pirri-pirri Bur and various Cotoneasters.
Thirty bird species were noted including Little Owl, many feeding Common Swifts overhead, Lesser Whitethroat and Bullfinch.
Invertebrates were not as abundant/diverse as expected but did include some rather good records such as Green Hairstreak (plus nine other butterfly species), Bishop’s Mitre shieldbug, Blue Bug and a variety of weevils noted by Charlie Barnes including Microplontus campestris and Tychnius junceus, the latter species being first for VC54 and 2nd for Lincolnshire.