Access courtesy of the National Trust.
West of Burgh le Marsh.

12.00 for 13.00 start. Meet at the main car park at TF466669 found at end of access track off the roundabout where the A158 and A1028 meet.

NB. Toilets and café available on site.

Habitats: Parkland with various waterbodies.

Leader: Dr. David Sheppard ☎ 07880 986923 ✉

Summary of Findings:

Attended by 17 members on a rather overcast and breezy afternoon.

Over 150 plant species were noted including golden dock, marsh cudweed, thread-leaved water-crowfoot, dewberry and some very large wild cherry trees.  Flattened meadow-grass (Poa compressa) was also found on walls inside the ornamental gardens by Tim Smith.

Invertebrate highlights, not surprisingly given the parkland habitat, involved some deadwood (saproxylic) beetle species recorded by Charlie Barnes as follows: Plegaderus dissectus – 6th record for Lincs, Siagonium quadricorne – 4th record for Lincs and Sepedophilus bipunctatus  – 3rd record for Lincs.  Lesser stag beetle was also found on site plus the ladybird mimic beetle Endomychus coccineus (found by Phil Lee).

Other invertebrates included the distinctively shaped spider Cyclosa conica noted by George Rutter and was not known from the eastern parts of Lincolnshire until now. Four dragonfly/damselfly species included ruddy darter and migrant hawker and six butterfly species were on the wing including many speckled woods and green-veined whites.  Shield bugs included woundwort, green and hawthorn. Roesel’s bush-crickets were busy buzzing away in the parkland grasslands and seem to be everywhere now.