Fungus Foray (National Fungus Day)
Access courtesy of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
North of Sleaford.

12.00 for 13.00 start. The reserve entrance and parking spot is situated at the south end of the B1191 (southwest of Ashby de la Launde) close to the junction with the A15 at TF037533. However, the parking spot for the Bloxholm wood visit is small but there is additional parking at TF 039536 just up the road (side of a farm
track, perhaps for 5 cars) and further parking at the other end of the
wood in Bloxholm at TF 065534 (perhaps another 5 at a push). Both of
these are official “stepping out” car parks. The latter is a 2km walk from the meeting point.

NB. There is a 1km walk to the main woodland area from the designated meeting spot.  Some ‘verge parking’ probably needed.

Nearest public toilets in Sleaford town centre.

Habitat: Broadleaved and mixed woodland habitats.

Leader: Ray Halstead ☎ 07772 613640 ✉

Summary:   LNU Annual Fungi Foray led by Ray Halstead and attended by an impressive 25 people in total on a mainly overcast but dry afternoon.

The fungi took some searching out but at least 48 species were noted with highlights being Goldleaf Shied (Pluteus romellii), Tripe Fungus (Auricularia mesenterica), Wrinkled Peach (Rhodotus palmatus) and Giant Funnel (Leucopaxillus giganteus) plus Burgandydrop Bonnet (Mycena haematopus) and Velvet Shank (Flammulina velutipes).

About a 100 plant species were noted including bugle, cowslip, sweet violet, red-currant and meadowsweet. Many ornamental trees and shrubs were present.

Thirty bird species included flyover siskin, redpoll and many redwings plus in the wood were nuthatch, treecreeper, bullfinch, jay and great spotted woodpecker.

Invertebrates included harlequin ladybird, orange ladybird, woundwort shieldbug, vapourer moth, Svensonn’s copper-underwing moth, the rare micro-moth Caloptilia semifascia and the Stiltbug Metatropis rufescens.