Every month from April to October the Lincolnshire Naturalists’ meet somewhere in the county to study and record the wildlife of a particular site or area. Often these are important conservation sites – Nature Reserves or Sites of Special Scientific Interest – or locations where there is normally no public access. Since 1895, over 800 field meetings have been held across the county, and further afield.

These are social, as well as scientific, meetings, usually involving a picnic lunch or visit to a nearby hostelry! The results of the meetings are written up in the Transactions of the Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union, ‘The Lincolnshire Naturalist’.

Grid references for these sites refer to parking or meeting areas and members should meet here in plenty of time prior to the meeting they wish to attend. It is advisable to inform the leader of the field meeting if you are planning to attend so they have an idea of the number of attendees to expect as parking is often restricted.

Ideas for future visits or offers of hosting the LNU on your land are most welcome – get in touch with Brian Hedley, the Programme Secretary.