The Executive Committee can award bursaries of up to £250 to any person who wants to attend a course to improve their knowledge of a taxonomic group. The bursary can be for course fees, travel, equipment or accommodation expenses.

To be eligible for consideration:

  1. The applicant should ideally be a member of the LNU but the Executive will consider applications from non-members;
  2. The additional knowledge so gained must be applied to the study of the group concerned in Lincolnshire.

Applications for the bursary should be made in writing to the Executive Committee. The application should state the details of what is being applied for and a short statement on what the applicant is expecting to gain from the course.

Applications may be for the price of the course, travel, equipment for the course and subsistence. All applications will be assessed on their merits.

Payment details (amount, items to be paid for and the date of payment) should be clearly requested in the application. The Executive Committee shall confirm its offer in writing.

The applicant shall submit a short written summary within 30 days of their attendance confirming their attendance, any comments on the course itself and how they plan to employ their new skills in the study of the taxonomic group in Lincolnshire.