Volume 24 Part 2 (1996)

The dragonflies and damselflies in Lincolnshire; A new spider for Britain from Lincolnshire?; Reflexed saltmarsh grass Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. Inland in East Lindsey; Danish scurvygrass in inland roadsides; Studying the not-so-obvious – rusts, smuts and mildews; Supplement to the bryophyte flora of the Spilsby sandstone; Rediscovery of  a lost Lincolnshire hoverfly; The water stick…

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Volume 24 Part 3 (1997)

Wildlife in Lincoln; Biological datasets and collections in Lincolnshire; The wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve; Native trees and shrubs in central Lincolnshire; Recording freshwater algae in Lincolnshire; Lincolnshire natural history in 1997

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Volume 24 Part 3 (1998)

Nature reserves in Lincolnshire – their functions and values; How much small-leaved lime occurs in the Limewoods of central Lincolnshire?; The moss Dicranum majus Sm. refound in Lincolnshire; Hybridisation in Quercus robur with Q. petrea in parts of Kirkby L:ane Woods, Woodhall Spa; Leatherback turtle at Spalding; Harvest mice at Vernatt’s Local Nature Reserve –…

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