Volume 25 Part 2 (2000)

Aspects of Lincolnshire botany to 2000; The continued occurrence of Lophopus crystallinus near Barton on Humber; The wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of Kirkby Moor on Watsonian Lincolnshire; The Rauceby Warren Sigara: a belated anti-climax; Note on unusual barn owl prey; Lincolnshire natural history in 2000  

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Volume 25 Part 4 (2002)

The late Pleistocene  mammal fauna of Lincolnshire; The bees of (Hymenoptera: Apidae) of Watsonian Lincolnshire 1. Silk bees (Colletes) with their cuckoos (Epeolus) and yellow-faced bees (Hylaeus); The Lincolnshire chalk streams project; background and botanical and aquatic macro-invertebrate surveys undertaken 2000/2001; Stream water-crowfoot Ranunculus penicillatus subsp. pseudofluitans in north Lincolnshire chalk streams; Lincolnshire natural history…

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Volume 25 Part 3 (2001)

Aspects of Lincolnshire botany to 2000; The Fens: flat, boring and a ‘wildlife-free zone’?; Deer parks in Lincolnshire, their association with ancient woodland; A carabid beetle apparently hunting under water; Lincolnshire natural history in 2001  

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