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Recommended identification workMosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland. A Field Guide. eds: I. Atherton, S. Bosanquet, M. Lawley. First edition 2010, British Bryological Society (ISBN 978-0-9561310-1-0)

The Moss Flora of Britain and Ireland. A. J. E. Smith. Second edition, 2004 (ISBN 9780521546720) The standard identification guide for mosses. Indispensable for the serious student.

The Liverwort Flora of The British Isles. J. A. Paton. 1999 (ISBN 0 946589 60 7) This tour de force has brought Jean Paton international recognition. A substantial book, with very full descriptions and superb illustrations by the author.

More details on books for beginners are available in this short article published by the British Bryological Society.
National checklistThe census catalogue for Britain and Ireland can be downloaded from the British Bryological Society website.
Lincolnshire checklistSeaward, M.R.D. (1969). A bryophyte check-list for Lincolnshire. Lincoln: Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union.

Seaward, M.R.D. (1971). Corrections and additions to ‘A bryophyte check-list for Lincolnshire’. Transactions of the Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union, 17, 227.

An updated version of the checklist is available on request from the recorder.
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